Are there better alternatives for Input Autocomplete widget in Traditional Web?
Application Type
Traditional Web
Platform Version
11.13.1 (Build 31652)

By using InputAutoComplete widget from RichWidgets in a form (assuming you have foreign key and you have to get a list from another table), we have to use two variables, for the (1)actual text and its (2)id (to be populated upon OnChange). I can use a simple dropdown for this but it will slow down the process if the table has a lot of records, plus it does not have a search feature. Not that the InputAutoComplete widget can't handle this, but I want a "cleaner" way to achieve this.

I'm looking for something like the Dropdown Search widget from Reactive, unfortunately can't find one for Traditional. Any idea knows one?


Is this the one you looking for? Search and Autocomplete

For some reason it doesn't allow me to reference it, maybe incomplete version :/ 


Hi Kenneth1,

Have you tried the below component?

You can easily customize this according to your requirement.

There are lots of component available in forge library, you can try them as well.

Hope this helps.


Manish Jawla

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