can i recovery deleted appliaction from database

I deleted a appliaction from service studio.

can i recovery deleted appliaction from database.


Hi Shake,

You can identify the application in the entity {Application} from System (or table OSSYS_APPLICATION) and change the attribute IS_ACTIVE to True.

If you are working on a cloud infrastructure, you can use SQL Sandbox forge component, to execute SQL statements. On the screenshot below, you can find an example of such a query to be executed in the aforementioned component.

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Hi João,

Thank you very much!

I have done like this, 

update ossys_Espace set IS_ACTIVE = 1 where Name = 'MyEspace'

Then I try to open 'MyEspace(delete0)' from service studio.

I got message like this,  

How can i to open it?

Hi @shake mountain,

You have to contact your service center administrator to grant permission to that module/Application

Refer this post:

Thanks, Aadhavan S

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