[Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)] How To Upload Object in AWS S3 Bucket
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Hi OS Community.

I am Creating an App in Reactive Where i am using AWS Simple Storage Service Forge Component When i Trying to Upload a object in bucket so i got an error. I am using object_put action form Amason_S3 and i pass the value in Access Key Id, Secret Access Key and region.

Hi Apoorv,

Could you please set the region as APSouth1.


Hi @Necmettin Sahinbay can you explain me this thing I didn't understand and thankyou for your suggestion it's work for me :)

It is about the implementation of Amazon SDK. I couldn't find a reference link to clarify it. You may want to see the extension in Visual Studio. But, this is not a common usage of Amazon SDK as I see. Maybe someone else can illuminate us about this kind of usage.

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Here's the reference link with the list of Regions and the respective values the API expects:



Thank you, Nordin. It is cool to have it. 


Thankyou so much @Necmettin Sahinbay for your solution it's work for me you save me can you please explain in my bucket region show like a full name how that short term work in action parameters ????

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