Debug not showing the value of text variables

I was about to post this in the WoC but it's more a bug/feature then a request really.

I'm sure I'm not the only one noticing that some times when you are debugging, you cannot double click on a text value and get the window showing the complete value of the variable.

What I've come to notice is that this behaviour usually occurs when the variable is about to/already exceeds the 2k characters limit which is very low IMHO. Things like generating the XML for a Fusion Chart will most certainly surpass the 2k limit, and to make matters works the Audit action that sends information to the logs also has the same problem (well is not the action per si, it's the tables used to keep the logs that are limited to nvarchar(2000) )

Also the Copy Value from the debugger window only copies the visible part of the value (if the value of the variable is something like "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque sagittis, quam vitae tincidunt mattis, justo odio fermentum purus, non aliquam." and it shows "Lorem ipsum ..." in the window it will copy only the later) which also is a bug/feature IMHO

Are these known bug/features and intended to remain like this or is there a chance they will be fixed in the (near) future?
Hi Pedro,

I will recommend you submit it to our support team, since it is something that does seem like a problem. I agree that it is not Wisdom of the Crowds material :)

That way they'll be better able to forward it to our engineering team for consideration.


Paulo Tavares


I also faced with that issue.

Is there any news about fixing it?



Suddenly I found not printable symbol in the long string. It was 0x12 value. After deleting Show value option started to work.