[Data Grid Reactive] De-selecting one row with CTRL+click after selecting multiple rows does not work
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When you select multiple adjacent rows (for example by using CTRL+A) and then want to de-select one of them using CTRL+click, what happens is that that row gets selected and all the others de-delected instead of the other way round. 

How can we resolve this issue?

Alfio Esposito


Hi Alfio,

Thank you for raising this topic.

The Data Grid, has this behavior since it's inception - even in TW version - not arguing that it's a correct one.

This being said, we will look into it, to understand the impact and the feasibility of implementing this new feature/behavior.

We'll keep you posted, meanwhile.


Thank you Ruben.


The team has been analyzing the reported situation and, although excel has this behavior, the data grid is built on top of the library Wijmo Flexgrid.

Currently we are following the wijmo behavior. 

We will reach out to them to understand if there is any way to override the behavior.

We are designing and will implement the feature to select rows (and all rows) using a checkbox. 

We are still in design phase we don't have a fixed release date, although it should be the next feature we'll be working on.


Bruno Martinho

Thanks Bruno for the analysis. Hopefully it will be possible to override this behavior. Can you keep me updated on the reply that you get from the wijmo team?

Meanwhile, for now we will instruct our users to use filters first to remove rows they don't need and then select them all.

And we will also check out the checkbox feature when it become available.

Alfio Esposito

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