Can´t figure It out why the error

I´m doing exercise 10.4 of web developer course in outsystems, and It doesn´t let me oublish because of an error with the "image" properties. Can anyone help me? Thank you


Hello @António Nunes ,

I think that is missing something from the request from the API:

Hope it helps,

Nuno R

Obrigado Nuno.
Eu já tinha percebido que o erro estava aí, só não sei como o solucionar...

Olá António,

Eu não conheço esta API, vou tentar ver se percebo porque não está a receber a informação que pretendes.

Se tiver novidades digo-te.


Nuno R


Hello Antonio,

 I don't know this API, I'll try to see if I understand why it's not receiving the information you want.

If I have news I'll let you know.

Best Regards,

Nuno R

Olá António / Hello António, 

Já resolvi o problema. / I've already solved the problem. 

Vamos ver se te consigo explicar passo a passo: / Let's see if I can explain it to you step by step:

1) Clica no "GetMovieInfo" / 1) Click on "GetMovieInfo"

2) Clica no "Test". Tens de colocar a tua Key (partilhei aqui porque também partilhaste o OML) e depois coloca um titulo teste. Depois clica em "Test" e a seguir "Copy to Response Body"

2) Click on "Test". You have to put in your Key (I shared it here because you also shared the OML) and then put in a test title. Then click on "Test" and then "Copy to Response Body"

Desta forma já ficas com a estrutura de dados que deves receber. / This way you already have the data structure you should receive.

Cumprimentos / Best Regards,

Nuno R

Thank you Nuno. still can´t manage to get the solution
I´m going backwards to see if i can see where I got wrong

Thank you for help anyway

Hello António,

Do you follow my steps? The issue is because you dont have the right structure, and when you copy it gets the correct structure.

I send the OML in attach that you can see.

Hope it helps,

Nuno R



Hi Antonio and Nuno,

The language we use on the Forums is English. 

Would you be so kind to translate your posts so other community members can understand?



Hello @Nordin Ahdi ,

Sorry about that.

I start to write in english, but @António Nunes  reply in portuguese, and I continue. 

I will write my solution in english.

Hope it helps,

Nuno R


It seems that the structure of the output is not correct, maybe you should refer to one Nuno shows us.

Yes, I noticed that. That the structure didn´t appear as it should but I also didn´t figure It out why...


Did you figure out the problem? I guess ,while consuming the REST API you must have copied the response in body after testing. 

Service Studio automatically define the required structure for our app.

Hope it helps!



I believe that my problem is starting right here, when I insert the API key it doesn´t show me any results

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