Fetching Updated Data every 24 hours
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11.12.0 (Build 48966)


 I have data that is valid for 24 hours, and I want to have the latest snapshot of the data every Morning.

The data is about 4000 +-10  records each day. 

Those records is updated and deleted. I don't have any clue about the activity of the data from the source.

Currently, I am deleting the data from the Entity, but I don't have a way to reset the Id Field, and sometime in the near future it will be full.

We don't want to give Truncate Option to ALL Entities, as some previous threads propose back in 2019. Is it possible to give truncate rights in One Entity and preserve the rights over time?

Is there any plugin (or another way) to compare the data at runtime and update my Entity?


Hi Savvas, regarding TRUNCATE be aware it is also only possible for On-Premise OutSystems, not for the OutSystems cloud offer.

Ideally the data you need to sync has some kind of CreatedAt, UpdatedAt, and IsActive attributes, that would help you identify inserts, updates and deletes.

I am afraid that is not possible to retrieve the CreatedAt, UpdatedAt, and IsActive attributes at the moment. However we are using the On-Premise OutSystems.
What will happen when the outsystems Id column is full?
So, Is it possible to give truncate rights in One Entity Or give reset Id permission and preserve the change over time?
However, I don't know if it is safe to give full truncate permissions in the Application DB, but giving full reset Id permission in the Application DB it will not affect relation in my Application.


If you are onpremise, don't you have a database administrator responsible for the database used by your OutSystems environment? he or she should be the person helping you with this.

I am no database administrator, but I believe the permissions are set per table, so it should be posssible.

Ok, I understand. I have to proceed with them for further actions. Thanks for the Information!

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