oAuth integration between two mobile apps

Hi there,

I have developed a mobile app (X app) and trying to have an oAuth integration for login via another mobile application (Y app). The use case is  that user from X app will click a button "Login with Y app" and Y app will be opened and the user will click authorise button which will redirect back to X app. Y app is in need of redirect uri which should be in https:// format. I created a https:// url (with empty screen) in react web app as redirect url and oninitialize evenof the screen I gave the deep link of the X app. 

Issue: When I click authorise button from the Y app before redirecting to the X app it goes to the empty screen in the mobile browser and then opens the X app.  Is there any way to avoid showing the empty screen? Can  urls can be created without screen in outsystems? Could someone help me on this? Thanks!

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