What type of module, should the Theme module be?
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Hello, by good pratices we should have a module for the theme module that has the basic theme and components for all the application that are reused in lots of modules.

This Theme module, should be a reactive module? Or any other?

If there is no interface on the panel, we are not able to keep the base part (like menu, login, invalid permissions, themes, etc). So i think it should be reactive module right?

Appreciate any help! :)


Hi Ricardo,

Can be either reactive if you plan to have login, invalid permissions and other screens, but can also be Library if you only plan to have webblocks, theme etc.



I find the current documentation a bit confusing since we have a Template_ module now. 

If we are creating a factory theme, you probably want the layout, login and menus to be in different contexts since they can be different from application to application (ex: front office vs backoffice applications).

In that case the Theme module, as I understand, would be only for commonly used assets between both apps which will probably be just the theme itself.

There would be a resources module for common images such as logos and other commonly used assets.

And this leads me to the question should we use the Template module to create the layouts, login flows and menu logic?

According to the official OutSystems documentation, if the Theme module has the css theme, logo images, login flow, exception handling, menu and navigation support logic, doesn't that make the template module an unecessary layer?

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