Only allow to create module within the app, what alternative to publish developed app
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Recently I have developed a simple web application with workflow processes using workflow builder. However when I about to publish it to the company outsystems, I found that I am not allowed create application permission. Therefore I cannot use workflow builder to publish and at the same time I can't use OAP to import the application. I was thinking of save them to OML files but I realised that I cannot create public modules as well. I am only allow to create module in the application that have created to me. Is anyone happen to have the face the same issue? any alternative that i can rollout my application that has developed? 


Company policy is only allow to permission within the app but not grant create application or public module. Any other solution? I am getting message while publish in workflow builder.




Either they grant you permission to do this, it they (a person with the proper LifeTime permissions) needs to do the publishing for you.

Bottom line, with the proper permissions you cannot do it yourself, that is what permissions are for.




This is a permission configuration in LifeTime, I think you are only granted the permission to view application and modules On Role or Team Level, and create module in a specified application on Application Level. 

The only way to publish or create is to get the permission from the admin or your team leader.

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