Binary Data variable from Javascript not being passed to Service Action

Hi there,

we have a small demo where we are recording audio using javascript. This is passed into a Variable of type "Binary data" and then passed to a Service Action for use on a Cloud Service. So far, so easy. The Javascript opens the mic, records audio returns data, but the Cloud Service returns 400 bad request.

When I debug the app, I can see the Input variable for the Service Action being filled with data, but when I look "inside" the Service Action, the Input data is an empty binary Data var.

Any pointers, anyone?




Hi Jan,

Not sure.

Does the Service Action live in another module? If yes, can you refresh the dependencies and republish.

Otherwise, another way to do this is to convert the binary data to base64 on the client-side and vice versa after receiving the data inside the Service action.



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