How to reference an installed plugin in my mobile app.
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I have downloaded and installed the Mobile Background Location Plugin from the forge. I've confirmed that it is installed.  The problem is that I don't see how to actually reference the plugin in my app.  I seem to be missing some fundamental concept.  I also downloaded another plugin called "Location". I had the same problem but did a hack by opening the plugin and cutting and pasting into my app.  It worked but obviously that's not the way it's supposed to be done.  However that "hack" doesn't work with the Mobile Background Location Plugin.

BTW:   I need to get location info ie city, state, address etc from the user's current location.  The Location plug seems to return lat/long info but no place information.  I"m hoping that the Mobile Background Location Plugin will provide that info.  Thanks.


Since that you say that you are sure that you have the plugin installed, I recommend this piece of documentation:
Try to follow the 4 steps of the "Reuse functionality from other modules".

If it doesn't work out for you, feel free to say and we will try other solutions.

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Thanks.... That did the trick.

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