Help improving performance on accordion with list
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As shown in the imagine I've a big nest of widgets and i know Outsystems doesn't recommend expandable stuff inside lists, but its a requirement from business. My question is if there is a way to improve performance. Especially when opening one of the accordion items, if that "AnotherList" block has a lot of records. The app even restarts itself on iOS (super slow on Android). 

I already tried removing the disable-virtualization = true where we had it and removing some possible unecessary classes/divs to reduce has much as html content as possible, but with no luck. Any tips?

HI Tony,

outsystems Does support expandable stuff inside lists,

please post a sample oml to look into your requirements specifically!!

and when it comes to performance and reloading, need to manage the data being rendered in the block (that is inside the Accordion Item ) in a Sceptic manner, Fetching only on Demand and few other manipulations.

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