Refreshing the aggregate

I have a table where it has Attribute Master 1 on a block . When i add this Attribute master 1 to another screen, it still shows on the block instead of removing it. I have added refresh aggregate in OnParameter in the block and I have also tried adding the refresh aggregate in the On After Fetch as well. But it doesn't work. Please help .



Adding an attribute on a screen, does not automatically remove it from a block.

In Service Studio you need to open the block, and remove the attribute from the screen and then publish your application again.

Removing an attitude from a screen or block is a design time action, not something that happens when you run your application.



Can you please explain in detail? Sorry i'm new to OutSystems 

Hi Viknesh,

I don't get what is your issue. Can you share some images that describe your case or can share the .oml if possible?



The attribute master 1is added to the table in the main screen.

Even added adding it, it stills appear at the block to add the attribute to the main screen. 

Hi Viknesh,

Sorry that I still don't get what is the context. As adding or removing attribute from an entity you can do it at design time as other comments already mentioned. If its about displaying attributes on screen or block you can use expression widget to display the value.



Hi Viknesh,

What Daniel said ,is absolutely correct. You can not remove the attribute at run time, you can do it only at design time. if you do not want that attribute to be visible on the table inside a block ,you just remove it from there in service studio, then publish your application again and check it in the browser.

Hope it helps!



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