[FileSystem] Is there any limitations to use FileSystem extension with free account?
Forge component by João Portela
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11.12.0 (Build 48324)

I am new to Outsystems, My requirement is to view all files in a folder with Updated/Modified dates.
Used Directory_ListDirFiles action for this. unfortunately, it is not working for me.
Is this because I am using a free account? Or else can anyone suggest to me the steps for listing the files in a folder.


Hi João,

Welcome to the OutSystems forum! First some meta remarks: if you have a problem, be as descriptive as possible so people can help you best. "it is not working for me" is very little to go on, as it could mean anything.

That said, also keep in mind the architecture of the OutSystems Platform. It is a web-based Platform, with the software running in the cloud (Server Actions and Traditional Web apps) and inside your browser (Reactive Web client-side). FileSystem is a component that runs server-side, so it can only access files and folders on the OutSystems server, and only those that are accessible by the Windows user running your app.

It is technically not possible to view files in a folder that's local on your or the user's computer. The only way this could be technically possible is if the browser would make this available, but it doesn't do that for security reasons (you wouldn't want a random website be able to take a peek on your hard disk!). So if that's what you are planning to do, you are stuck - there's absolutely no way to do that.

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