[Pushwoosh Plugin] Does the plugin support silent push
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In Pushwoosh it is possible to send a silent push. This is a push message without content, but it is possible to set the badge counter on the app icon.

Unfortunately this does not seem to work.
When i send a normal push with badge count 1, I receive a push message and the badge counter on the icon gets set to 1.
If i send a silent push, nothing happens.

My use case is, I want to update the badge counter when new content is available (published) in the app.I want to perform this task by using i silent push with a badge count set to +1.





My use case is also described in this Stack Overflow thread:

I can achieve what I want by sending a Push notification without a message and a badge count of +1
This works, but is sound is still played.
I noticed there is a silent property in the Pushwoosh API

"ios_silent": 0,


If this property is exposed in the plugin (and set for iOS and Android) then I could send an empty muted push notification to update the badge counter.

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