NextStep 2011 and the Agile Platform 6.0 - We're almost there

Hi all,

It's only two weeks until the NextStep 2011 where, once again, our great community joins to celebrate all about OutSystems. Taking place in Centro de Congressos do Estoril, in Portugal, the 19th and 20th of May will be jam-packed with surprises and cool stuff for everyone.

To start things off, on Day 1 we're having the first Worldwide OutSystems Certified Professionals Meet-Up. For everyone who's an OutSystems Certified Professional, this is an event that you should not miss. It's a great opportunity for you to meet other people who work with OutSystems, attend six great 20m talks, two Q&A sessions and have lots of networking time. If you haven't registered yet, or if you're not an OutSystems Certified Professional but would like to know more about how it's like to be one - and maybe even get a seat at the event, to learn what's it all about - feel free to send an e-mail to our training department, and let them know about it.

Next, there'll be one afternoon with presentations about Cloud, Mobile and Usability, a customer presentation from our friends at SATA, and the day will end with the Worldwide Launch of the Agile Platform 6.0.

In the second day we'll have tons - and I mean TONS - of cool presentations from our partners, customers and OutSystems people on their experiences in projects and cutting edge techniques on using the Platform. And finally, last but not least, we'll have an Agile Platform 6.0 Deep Dive session, where everyone will have a first-row seat in learning all the new stuff that we've been preparing for you.

Frankly, if all of this doesn't get you to come, I don't know what will :) You can find the full agenda here, and you should register here as well.

So let us know: who's coming? I'd love to get a great showing from the community there, and to meet you all there.

What else do you want to have there? :)


Paulo Tavares
Hi all,

We're just 24h away from the great event, so I expect to see a lot of you guys tomorrow!

Asides from that, try to keep up with us on Twitter - I'm assuming #nxstep is a good tag for you to pay attention to, as well as anything with "OutSystems" there ;)

Finally, feel free to share your opinions on what'll be shown in the forums, on Twitter, in your blog, everywhere!

Looking forward to tomorrow :)


Paulo Tavares
How about putting some stuff up on the Facebook page too? I don't use Twitter.. :) Good luck in a few hours!

Good luck!

Also don't got twitter, but I will follow it online.

Don't even got the time to give 'feedback' on everything :).

I'm curious what the day will bring....
Are you guys filming the event right now?
theres a live stream at
Seen it, been there (got the t-shirt), download and use it !!

It's fantastic, all the cool new features !!
Didn't see it, haven't been there (got no t-shirt), didn't downloaded it and didn't used it.

But I do like what I hear and see :)
Knackered from the intense Nextstep (and a COOLKids convention on sunday ;) )

Had great fun, interesting sessions and certain promises from Mario that didn't go through ;)

Great job!

Now back to some obscure 5.1 version :)

ps. where do I give general feedabck on the Nextstep, in the mobile feedback thingy I did not find it (and ofcourse I was paperless at the 2nd day)

Hi Joost,

I'm already missing NextStep :)

You can provide feedback in each session screen -> Sessions -> Pick a session -> Add Feedback


knew the feedback for a session. done that already.

What I meant was a general feedback about the nextstep overall :)
Have some suggestions ;)
Send the feedback to Paulo Tavares :-)

I enjoyed NextStep and am already pretty busy building templates for mobile :-)
Hi guys,

I'm glad you all had a great time, and glad you made it back home safe and sound!

The most direct approach to send feedback on the NextStep is to send it over to the NextStep contacts, found in this page, and which I paste here:

If you have any questions regarding NextStep 2011, please:
         - send an email to

I hope this helps.


Paulo Tavares
I want to invite you all to go check out the NextStep website.  It is now updated with all the event info.  Go hear the keynotes, see the show video, watch our customers receiving agility awards and check out the awesome presentations. 
Thanks to everyone that helped make NextStep 2011 such a success!
Good Luck! I'm expecting to see something.