[Data Grid Reactive] Some options are not configurable
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When we were using this datagrid we had a request to hide the filters, and after investigations we found that show filter attribute is set to true all the time in the datagrid module, also there are other options with the same behavior, so I recommend to expose these options in the datagrid configuration attribute.

Thank you

Hi Omar,

Have you tried using the DeactivateFilter client action?

Hi Gabriel,

Actually what I have done is opening the datagrid module and serched for the filter, then I added a new attribute in structure (OptionalConfigs) named AllowFiltering on the Grid block then set an attribute inside configLocal object (allowFiltering) by the one I exposed and it worked, so Iam suggesting this to be added to the control.

Thank you.


Hey Omar,

Thank you for your explanation. We'll add this to our research. If this proves to be a common requirement, for sure we'll implement it as a grid option config. 

Great, thank you.

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