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Hi Everyone,

      I want to find the Last date of the next month. Is there any simple way to find it.


current month is October.. I want the 2021-11-31.


Hi ,

Please try this -  AddDays( AddMonths( NewDate( Year(CurrDate()), Month(CurrDate()), 1 ), 1 ), -1 )

#Refer post -




First step, we can get the first date for Current Month, AddDays(CurrDate(),-Day(CurrDate())+1), 2021-10-01

Second step, we can get the first date for Next Next Month, AddMonths(AddDays(CurrDate(),-Day(CurrDate())+1),2), 2021-12-01

Last step, we can get the resutl we want, the Last Date Of Next Month, AddDays(AddMonths(AddDays(CurrDate(),-Day(CurrDate())+1),2),-1) 2021-11-30

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