[Input Masks Library] When will the know issue be fixed?
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First of all, thanks to the developers who created this library it's very useful.

But still a few questions remains : 

  1. When will the know issue be resolved because I need a dot (.) as a thousand separator and a comma (,) as a decimal separator. Or is this an issue in the used library from Robin Herbots? 
  2. When does this unintended value changes occurs, tried to test this but could not replicate this?

Best Regards,

John van Schaik

ADA ICT (The Netherlands)

Known issues:

Currently, only a dot (.) works properly as the decimal separator on CurrencyMask and NumberMask. As such, to avoid unintended value changes, we are forcing the decimal separator to be a dot. If a dot is used as a group separator it is replaced by a comma.

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