Popup Editor is caching data

Popup Editor is caching data

I have a data list on my screen, for example, A, B, & C.
I click on B, Id =2 is passed to the Popup Editor and it shows my value of B.
I change the value to X and click Save.
My list refreshes via Ajax and now correctly shows A, X, & C.
All is well so far...
But now if I click on X, Id =2 is passed to the Popup Editor but it shows my old value of B instead of X.
If I click Cancel the Popup Editor closes.
I now click on X again, Id =2 is passed to the Popup Editor and now it shows the correct value of X.
Also, if I change B to X then click on A it correctly shows A, then I click X and it correctly shows X.
It's like the Popup Editor is caching the original data from the last changed record when it is immediately pulled back up.
Also when I get the wrong, old data, if I right click and Refresh the Popup Editor it comes back with the correct, new data.

Any ideas???


Hi Jeff,

Could you send us an eSpace with that behavior so we can test it out? I have no ideas at first glance...


Paulo Tavares