How to change Single sign on and single log out url in Azure AD Authentication


Im trying to configure authentication using Azure AD . But in the Users page, the default single sign on and log out url assigned are different from the hostname of my environment. Somehow it is taking the wrong url .Is there any way to change the url of Single sign on url and single logout url?


I am not sure, if you already have gone through with this link. If not please refer this link.

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Hi Sachin,

Thanks for your reply . I have gone through the link already. In the documentation, in the third step(3) they ahve mentioned it will take the default value for the required options. 

My problem is that the url present in single sign on and single logout is not my servername , it is taking another url which is not the hostname of the environment. 

Is there any way to change it?

Hi @Rahul Sahu, @Sachin Waghmare 

Can you help how to modify the Single sign-on URL / Single logout URL in the Users app? refer marked field in attached screenshot.

I also gone through with both the documents.. but not able to find the steps..

Thanks, Aadhavan S

Any update on this? How can we change those two urls?

Try this steps

  1. Access the Configure Authentication page in the /Users app
  2. Save the information you have in the configuration in order to fill it after the reset
  3. Choose "Reset to Default" that should appear at the bottom of the page: (Please note that this action will reset existing configurations so I suggest that you keep a copy of configurations.)
  4. Access the Configure Authentication page in the /Users app
  5. Follow the steps given in the earlier shared document to apply necessary configurations.
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