Cannot download PDF by using "HtmlToPdfConverter"
Application Type
Traditional Web

Error occur when click on the pdf download button.

Cannot download PDF by using "HtmlToPdfConverter"

Anyone can support to solve this issue


You need to go to the Administration screen of the component and upload the required binaries, as seen in the screenshot 

Edit: There is also a link with the installation instructions, make sure to follow the guide in there.


can you please share the link

Well it's based on your environment, should be something like:

And replace your-env with your environment (or if you use personal, you should replace outsystemsenterprise as well)



Hello @Hashara Amarasingha 

As you see, there is set up and configuration involved in using Html2PdfConverter. 

If you are just starting on this effort, then you could just use Html2Pdf which involves no set up or configuration, binaries are automatically downloaded. Check out its Details page for more information.



Hi @AJ. 

Thank you for your reply.

I try it but error is appearing. Can you please check

Hello @Hashara Amarasingha,

1. You might still be using the htmltopdfconverter and not HTML2PDF . If so, please uninstall the htmltopdfconverter so there's no confusion between the two dependencies.
2. Make sure you see the blue icons for HTML2PDF service actions.
(Notice how HTML2PDF also has the word 'Converter' in it so it can be confused with the other component)

3. Important - set the web page you are trying to convert to PDF with the anonymous Role checked.  This is necessary for the component to work. I would recommend creating a new screen called 'Reports' with the data you need to print, and set the 'Anonymous' Role on that screen.

4. I use the following 2 actions from HttpRequestHandler to get the 'Reports' screen URL (there may be other ways, but just sharing what works for me).

I have attached a demo that should help understand all of the above. Hope this solves it for you,

Best regards,



Hi @AJ. 

Thank you for your reply

I try as you oml

But could not download as table format


I have added a new screen called 'Reports' and pointed the 'MakeAbsoluteURL' to this new screen.

Please note, the screen that you would like to download as a PDF should be as simple as possible with just the table output that you desire. 

Oml as attached.


Hi @Hashara Amarasingha  ,

Above inputs stands true. Please see the example for you to recheck your code.




Hi @Vani Mankad 

Thank you for you reply 

I want to download pdf in traditional web


Hi Hashara Amarasingha, 

For Guide how to use, Please check all FAQ of Html2Pdf converter and support section. There is a lot of comment that might help you.

Download Binary files -

You can upload binary files here. 

 - https://< your environment name>/HtmlToPdfConverter/administration.aspx?

For more please check this youtube video. You can mute video if it is not your native language.

Hope this may help,



Hi Rahul,

I think Daniel put it best in this post on why recommending the use of htmltopdfconverter over HTML2PDF to new users may not be a good idea.

Best regards,


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