How to show not support dialog when user tries to open PWA app in IE

I am developing the an mobile which also being distributed as PWA apps. The PWA apps can be access via the browser like chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge etc. But as per requirement when someone tries to open this PWA in IE, I want to redirect them to a screen which shows not supported error messages like below.

You can use the layout you are using for your screens, and when you are initializing or getting the data(on the layouts you are using on the screens) you can check if you are on IE. In this case, to check, you can use this solution provided by @Benjith Sam.

In case you detect it's IE you redirect the user to the screen which shows a not supported error message.

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1- You use the OnInitialize of the layout

2- Depending on the output of the client action GetBrowserName() it goes to the screen where it displays the error message or it continues.

3- This action GetBrowserName will check in which browser you are

4-For the layout of the screen where you display the error message you need to use a different layout where you are not checking the type of browser. In this case, I used the LayoutBlank

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Hi Márcio Carvalho,

Thanks for your answer and oml file.  I appreciate it.  

I tried your solution in the IE and as per the implementation it should open 'Browser not Supported' screen but strangely when I open in IE it shows me below error message. The solution works in Reactive web but not in mobile PWA.

It's really strange, I open using the preview and it works ok! But without the preview, it doesn't work!

I tried with another application and it doesn't work too... I have to see what is happening.

Let's see

It happened before with your application?

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