how to deal with lots of lookup tables


This is a typical newbie question, but  a common problem, I presume.

I have an application with a lot of lookup tables and woul like not to cluster the menu with then and/or in some cases to hide them from some users.

Using an external SQL Database is very easy to build another application that only manipulates then and takes care of all the lookup and parameter tables.

But using "internal " database how to do it?

One possible solution would be to create another menu tree, visible only to some users, but ... how to do it?

Any help?
Hi Orlando,

Do your lookups have a similar attribute layout? (Id, Value, ...)

The best way if comes to mind (if that is the case) is to do a generic advanded query that recieves a Input with "Expand Inline". If you pass to it a value in the usual advanced queries format "{TABLE_NAME}" that will be expanded in runtime to use the correct platform entity, and you could reuse it for all the lookups.

Then you can have an entity on your application where you configure what Lookups you have and what users can access it.

Something like

SELECT @table.[Id], @table.[Value], @table.[Something_Else] FROM @table
UPDATE @table SET [Value]=@NewValue, [Something_Else]=@NewSomething_Else WHERE [Id]=@id

Note: This assumes the Attribues are all the same on all tables, you need a bit more complex logic otherwise
Note2: Didn't test it ..but should work

João Rosado