Navigating to new screen fails on device but works if debugging on that same device
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On one of the screens on my mobile app there's a button that's supposed to navigate to another screen.  It's the most basic of situations - for the onClick event I selected the other screen for the destination.  This is done all over the place in the app without issue.  For some reason, for this particular screen/button, the navigation doesn't work when running the app on the device.  If however I connect the cable and debug on the device, the navigation works.  To make sure there wasn't some issue with that particular button, I created a temp button - same problem.  Anyone have any idea what would cause this or how I can go about debugging it?  Thanks.

Hi Tom,

I do understand the problem you have but it's hard to tell what the problem might be without seeing anything. When you click the navigation button, is there any error showing up in Service Center? Is there a possibility to share the .OML?



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