Deployment of Agile Platform on OpSource

Deployment of Agile Platform on OpSource

How can I install Agile Platform on a server hosted by OpSource? I found some detailed instructions on how to do it on Amazon. Is there anything similar for OpSource? Thanks.
Hi Alex,

I'm afraid there are no detailed instructions on how to do it asides from Amazon. I'm not familiar with OpSource, so either someone else has done it and will share how they've done it, or do let us know if you manage to do it by yourself. I'm sure such instructions will help others in the future.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Alex,

It's actually pretty straightforward to deploy the Agile Platform to OpSource and I happen to have done that recently.

Here's a quick summary of how to do it:
  1. Sign up for OpSource and login to
  2. Create a new network zone by clicking "Deploy Network"
  3. Deploy a new server instance by selecting one of the OS Images that appear on the right
  4. Wait until the server is ready and running (it takes a while)
  5. Connect to OpSource's VPN
  6. After you're done connecting use windows remote desktop to connect to your machine with the private ip that shows up on the page
  7. Login withe the Administrator password you defined when creating the machine
  8. When logged in, use the windows "Role Management Tool" to setup the server as an Application Server with IIS
  9. When the server role setup finishes just go to, get the community edition full installer and run it.
  10. What for it to finish and you'll have the Agile Platform fully setup in OpSource!
Hope this helps.

All the best,