[Ultimate PDF] Header & Footer PDF Problem (Header & Footer is not in the right page)
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I need to create an A4 PDF page that need to display the data by using a list. Image widget will be place in header and footer.  The first page has a different header and footer than the rest of the page. The problem I'm facing is when I download the pdf, the header will not display. Here is the preview what the page should look like:

(Side note: Green: Header1, Black :List, Red :Footer1, Blue: Header2, Yellow: Footer2)

This is what actually happen :(Page 1) We can see header1 is missing and header2 is inside page1.

(Page 2-12) Header2 missing 

(Page 13-15) Header 1 appear with Footer 2. Also there is no list

Does someone knows how I could solve this?

Thanks in advanced.



Hi Farhan.

Ultimate PDF currently only supports a single header/footer throughout the while file. So having a distinct header in the first page is not possible yet.

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