Agile Platform 6.0

Agile Platform 6.0


Does anyone have any idea, what type of features will be featured in agile platform 6.0? what did outsystems focused on this time?

1) will there be a new style template options?
2) will we finally be able to create our own control widget? 
3) focused on cloud based applications?
4) improved service studio UI?
5) able to create our own custom IntelliWarp template?

Robert -

I've been using the 6 beta... can't go into any details other than what's been publicly posted already. There's a couple of minor items that I don't like and I've reported back some comments related to it, and the team's been responsive. The general availability is soon (don't know if the timeline's been announced yet).

At this point, I will be VERY glad to update from 5.1 to 6.0! If I could use my existing licenses for the beta and if I could use it in production, I'd be moving to it right now.


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Totally agree! 
I'm "proudly" on Beta program too and I've reported some issues... but always with "ultra fast" feedback from engineering team.
Robert: My guess for launch? "Will be launched at..." Sorry, I have signed a "NDA" too.
Rafael Pereira
Lisbon Solutions
I do hope we can run the platform servers 5.1 and 6.0 on 1 server, so we don't have to add new servers in our development.

and more interesting, does it use 4.0 .net for multi-core optimizations? :)

Hi guys!

Indeed there is a lot of exciting new capabilities coming up with the Agile Platform 6.0. You will certainly be amazed! I know we are :)

We will only unveil the marvelous Agile Platform 6.0 at our customer's conference - the NextStep '11 - on May 19th. Register fast, seats are running out!

Sorry, you guys will have to wait a few days more ;)


.NET 4.0 hopefully, its on the road map for a long time now :)
And to make you guys even more curious : it's awesome  !!
Been playing around with beta 6 and it has very nice new features.

Go to NextStep or download it as fast as you can and start using it.
You'll like it

OutSystems guys, you did a tremendous job (again) :-) !!

"Go to NextStep or download it as fast as you can and start using it.
You'll like it"
I wish I could, I got a beta invite for 5.0 but did not get a beta invite for 6.0, don't think they like me anymore :P
Beta is my middle name, Ricardo "Beta for 5, 5.1 and 6.0" Araújo

and it's being a great experience :) You'll see it next week.
Sorry for the double post...but it's a zen moment sponsored by one of our oldest customers
Very nice Ricardo! :-)
Haha great one, Ricardo :)