App not starting after upgrade to iOS 15


I have recently upgraded my iPhone on iOS 15 and my apps fail to start. I have been using MABS 7.0, then I have rebuilt it using MABS 7.1 and even MABS 7.2 (beta) and they are still not loading. The error is "*app name* needs to be updated - the developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of iOS". 

Note: If I install the app from scratch on a different phone (with iOS 15) it works, tried it even with several MABS versions (7.0 or 7.1) by using different MABS versioning in dev and test. This makes me believe it's not an issue of plugins which are not upgraded.

Any idea on how to workaround this?


Hi Lorena,

We got it working with MAB7.1, the app needs to be installed first via the appstore or outsystems again.

But all your plugins must also support MABS7.1 and iOS15, especially the proper version of Xcode must be used in the plugins. Check the mobile build logs in service center.



Hi Daniel,

The app is generated successfully with MABS 7.1 in my case so most probably all the plugins are supporting MABS 7.1, but it works only if the app is reinstalled.

Are you aware of any other way of upgrading that doesn’t require the reinstallation of the app?




The error 

"*app name* needs to be updated - the developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of iOS

Should just be fixed using MABS7.1 or MABS7.2 (which is in GA as of yesterday)

That said, then after installing the new build you still might have issues, but that should be other errors.

If you cannot get forward, create a support case at OutSystems.

Dear Daniel,

After installing the new build I have no errors (built is generated successfully, plugins are all valid) but the application still fails to start with the same warning. If I reinstall the app, it works.

Therefore, my previous question is still valid: is reinstallation mandatory?

If anybody has an answer to this please shoot :) otherwise I will create a ticket to OS support in a few days. Hopefully someone in the same situation who got it working will see the post until then.



Yes you need to reinstall because there is a new build of IPA to handle iOS15, I think I already mentioned that it is required to install the application again. When you use MABS to generate a new build, you always need to update the app through the store or install it via the API url from OutSystems.

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