[Case Management framework] Really mine with Case_GetActivities
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I am building Taskbox by using Case_GetActivities and I want to list all following activities. 

  • Activities that were assigned to me.
  • Activities that were associated my group and were NOT assigned to other user.

In the version history of CMf, I found the following explanation.

I think the previous behavior is the one I want.
How should I set the Case_GetActivities parameter to achieve this behavior?

(I am using Case Management framework 1.5.2)

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,
Moriya Takasi


Hi Takasi,

For your use case you can set the Case_GetActivities action's inputs as follows:

The SearchCriteria/ActivitySearchCriteria input can be used to refine the first level filters (ActivityScope). So for this use case filling in the AssignedUserIdList with NullIdentifier() and GetUserId(), will limit the results to activities assigned to the user and activities that don't have a user assigned. The "ExcludeUnassignedGroupAndUser" set as True will remove activities that are unassigned to both a user and a group.

Kind regards,


Hello André, 

Thank you for answering.
I followed your answer and achieved result I wanted.
I'm sure I wouldn't have come up with a way to specify both NullIdentifier() and GetUserId().

Thanks again. 

Moriya Takasi

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