[Location Plugin] Not getting accurate location when using in PWA application installed in desktop
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Hi Team,

I am using location plugin in PWA application to get the device location, it is working perfectly in mobile devices, but when i am checking in desktop installed PWA app it is not giving me accurate result.

my location in Nagpur in India, but in desktop I m getting as Mumbai.

Looking for any pointers to solve this issue.

Hi Preeti Kumari,

Sometimes GPS is inaccurate and this can be caused by many things . You could try to do this to see if that helps a bit. We also use this component and most of the times the location is pretty accurate.

Good luck,


Hi Bart, 

Are you using this in PWA application, on desktop and are you getting correct location every time?

if yes, are you doing anything different then shown in below image.


Preeti Kumari

Hi Preeti,

As you can see we are not doing anything different. 

I think your problem is not in OutSystems but the location where your computer is or perhaps the settings on the computer. Sometimes I do get security messages from applicationsr stating 'there is a new login attempt from..' and it says a totally different location from where I actually am but it is me trying to login. 

Sometimes the GPS gets calculated from the network your computer is in. Maybe that is the problem here? Did you try to use the location plugin on the same device on different locations? Do you get the same result? 

Good luck,


Hey Preeti,

Looks like that your browser is set to Mumbai, you can actually change this in your browser settings, check this tutorial https://gamingph.com/2021/03/how-to-change-gps-location-on-web-browser-google-chrome-edge-and-firefox/ , after changing that your location should adjust accordingly

Luís Almeida

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