Is "refresh applications" button reliable in updating a deployment plan?

Hi all,

Is the blue "refresh applications" button reliable in ensuring all code changes are added to a deployment plan?

Here's what happened:

  1. I created a deployment plan
  2. My colleagues changed one of the modules in the deployment plan
  3. A blue "refresh applications" button appeared, I clicked it, revalidated the plan, and saved it
  4. The deployment plan was executed the next morning
  5. Realization: my colleagues' changes are not deployed

Feature in question:



If it is true what you experience, then that is contradicting how the documentation says it should work.

I advise to create a support case for this, it is something that OutSystems then should have a look at,  the community can not really help with this.



Hello @YS

I second Daniel's suggestion about creating a support case.

It may also be worth checking the version of LifeTime you are using. What you have described quite well, is a known issue that was fixed in the Sep.2019 CP1 Release. 

1. If you are on an older version of LifeTime, then upgrading LifeTime would be the obvious option.

2. If you are already on a newer version of LifeTime, then it is quite possible the issue has resurfaced.


Best regards,


Hi Daniël and AJ.

Thanks for the responses!

My LifeTime is at Version 11.9.0 (Build 1206). I suppose this is Not the old/faulty version and therefore I should contact support?

Thanks again!

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