Health & Fitness plugin: under-development, feedback wanted

Hi OutSystems Community!

We have just released a new mobile plugin, called Health & Fitness plugin. This plugin lets you access, read, and write through the Healthkit and Google Fit APIs. 

We are releasing this new plugin as an under development version. We really want to hear your feedback and do a few more things before we release the Health & Fitness plugin ready for production. Check out the demo app to see how we use the plugin's actions for stuff like advanced queries on fitness data or creating activity charts.

See a more detailed description below or on the plugin’s documentation page

So give the Health & Fitness plugin a try and leave your feedback in the thread of this forum post! 

Plugin details

The plugin comes with several actions that let you request permission to access (Read, Write, or Read and Write) Health and Fitness data. It also includes simple actions GetData that return the last logged values for a specified variable. If you need something a little bit more complex, you can use the AdvancedQuery action that lets you set query parameters to retrieve a list of values from a specific health or fitness variable.

In the AdvancedQuery action, you can set the variable type, start and end time, operation type, and time unit (minutes, days, weeks, etc). See below an example of an AdvancedQuery action to get a DataPoint List for the total of steps (per day) for the last week.

You can then use these results and build your health and fitness app access and use the following list of variables (that we will keep expanding it):

  • Health Variables: Heart rate; Sleep; Blood pressure; Blood Glucose; Oxygen saturation; Body temperature; Hydration; Nutrition.

  • Fitness variables: Steps; Calories burned; Move minutes; Push count.

  • Profile variables: Weight; Height; Body fat percentage; Basal metabolic rate.

Look into our Demo app for some inspiration ;)

get an build-error with Android ....see part of logging in attached file...any help?


Hi adamtoren,

We are looking into this now to provide you with some feedback asap.

Thank you for reaching out to us,


Hi @adamtoren,

We have released a new version of the Health & Fitness Demo App in Forge that solves your problem, if you'd like to try it.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Best regards,

Alexandre Jacinto

Keeps failing. 

OS ErrorMsg = Something happened on our side while installing the Cordova plugins. Please try again.

My ServiceStudio version =  11.12.7 / Build 51940


Using beta Service Studio version 11.50.17 / Build 52536 the Android build runs smooth less for stable version 0.1 *(MABS version 7.2).

- Anyone watching ?


Maybe it is easy to install and try out when one has an iPhone, but to get this up and running for Android I failed.

Hello Daniel, did you check our latest update on the plugin?

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