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Hi Team,

We are facing the below issues:

1. We have used the client widget  i.e., Utilities\FeedbackMessageShow, we are unable to get the focus on the feedback message on this. 

Also, we are trying to figure out a solution to set the timeout to 15 seconds for the feedback messages.

2. We have used the popup box widget, when the popup opens, we want to focus on the first element of the popup. Currently, the popup open but on tab click our focus goes on the next element of the parent screen,

Can anyone please suggest what we can try? We have tried JS to set focus but it isn't working.

Thanks in advance!


Neha Agrawal

Hi Neha,

For the first issue, you can refer this forum post:

For the second issue, there is a client action SetFocus available in OutsystemsUI which would resolve your issue I believe. More discussions happened here:


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