AMCharts embedded in iFrame in Outsystems 11 React
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I need to send data from Outsystems v11.12.2 build 50367 to AMCharts.

AM Charts will use this data to create a tree map. 

I then need to embed the tree map created by AM Charts in an iFrame on my Outsystems 11 React web screen.

How do I do that?

I know the following:

1. I have to use the htm widget and call it iframe.

2. I have to set the application security options to allow this, but I do not know what the values should be.

3. I currently tried to embed an Youtube video in my iframe, but I get errors, I believe due to my security settings.

I am attaching the screen shots of the iFrame example trying to embed the Youtube video.

Please advise the following:

1. The security settings to embed the video in Outsystems 11 React in an iFrame.

2. How to send data to AM Charts using aggregate data from Outsystems 11 React.

3. How to embed the AM Chart (tree map) created by AM Charts using the data received from Outsystems 11 per step 2.

Your help would be sincerely appreciated.

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