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Good night, so with a brief introduction of me, I'm a  newbie learning outsystems, I'm not following so much the courses here I'm the kind of person who doesn't learn much just watching something, so I'm learning trying doing my things. I'd like to know, how can I register in a formulary and use my registration to logging into the program. someone's can help´ me. I would like to use my username, and password stored in my own database, when I try to use it, doesn't work, it just works if I put my outsystem information. 



Hello @Emanuel Ramos,

The username and password that you signed up with is stored in the following User entity under 'System'.

You may ofcourse create a new entity in which the User.Id will be a foreign key but the login authorization is still best handled by the System -> User entity for a variety of reasons as also discussed in this forum thread -

You can also extend this System -> User entity if needed but not modify it directly.
Reference documentation -'_login?origin=d

Hope this helps, and welcome to the community!

Best regards,


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