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There are two screens in a module. First screen has form data(lets say 2 fields),when i click on next button in the screen, it has to go to second screen contains form data (another 2 fields).Now press on save button in second screen, it has to save both pages data .Pls help me how should i do it as i am at beginner level.

You can create a session object (complex type having four fields) and keep data from each page in session.

On first page, when you are clicking next, you can assign two fields and move to next page. On second page you can assign remaining fields to session attributes and use as per your needs.

I assume you are working on traditional web application.

Hope it helps !


Hi Waqas,

No its in Reactive application

Hi Abhimaitri M,

You can create two input parameter in second screen then pass the first screen fields value in input parameters.

Or you can use two client variables and assign that first screen fields value in next button logic and use those client variable in second scre

Hope it helps !


Hi @Abhimaitri M 

There are two ways possible that I think of right now.

1) You have to create clients variables which you will have to bind to all the inputs in screens (one and two) then save the data.

2) You can achieve this use case in one single page by wrapping OutsystemsUI "Navigation\Tabs" widget.

you can have the first two fields in tab 1 and other fields on tab 2 then you can altogether save all data.

Hope that will solve your problem.



I think you can use 2 blocks for 2 forms, keep data in main screen. Whenever update data in blocks assign back to main screen.

I have a sample .oml, you can take a look.



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