[FullCalendar Reactive] Drag and Drop from External Source
Forge component by André Cabral
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Could somebody assist me with an example on how to drag and drop an external event with this component please?

We have been trying unsuccessfully for some days now trying to get it working. Unfortunately my JavaScript skills are very low. 


I have tried to adapt their example from FullCalendar without much success

Drag-n-drop external events - Demos | FullCalendar 

and also tried to understand perhaps what is missing or going wrong from this post

Upgrading a customized Full Calendar component | by Anna Lysek | Noesis Low-Code Solutions | Medium 

If it is simple, would somebody be kind enough to show me how to do this?

Regards, Mark

Hello Mark, 

I am the author of that article. The component that I had worked on then was in Traditional Web. This one is the Reactive Web one and it is implemented a bit differently. I have not been able to replicate the external drag and drop in Reactive yet, but I'll give it a go at it this week. The idea is that the custom JS you need to use for the basic use case is minimal. I'll get back to you if I make some progress.



Hi Anna,

I appreciate it!

Cheers, Mark 

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