Dynamic tab in PWA app


I am working on PWA app, and trying to create dynamic tab. On click able to add tabs, but unable to toggle and see contents. On click of other tab nothing seem to work. Can anyone suggest how can I solve this?

Thank you

Hello Puja

This specific pattern is not built having in mind that it can be used dynamically. I did a few tests and when you use the Tab pattern a lot of logic happens behind the scenes to make the tabs work. Something very simple as having a few "data" HTML attributes with the correct values to match content and tabs.

When you try to use Tabs dynamically that logic does not run and therefore you lose the ability to have the Tabs pattern working.

I took a look at Forge, and while it's not Tabs, it can help you achieve what you are trying to do: Dynamic Breadcrumb Web Block.

I also found this thread but couldn't check if the solution is still possible: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/21592/how-to-add-tabs-dynamically-in-outsystems/

Hope it helps :)

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