Re : webservice to track UPS parcels

Dear users

Does somebody have experience with the api from United parcel service?

i strugle already for several days with their manual.

In the first case i cannot add the wsdl to the web reference in service studio.

wsdl :


I don't see a wsdl on that url, so no clue what is wrong.
Furthermore, what is the message you are getting when adding the wsdl ?

Could you provide the wsdl as a file, so we can look at it.

Last, which platform, ss are you using?


please find attachement which ups supplies (

\Tracking\TrackingPACKAGE\TRACKINGWebServices\SCHEMAS-WSDLs  here you will find "track.wsdl".

Im running ServiceStudio

Do i have to add the file manually (add the local path as a web reference?)

I could add the wsdl locally without a problem.
it should work directly, but you have problems because you need to be authenticated first.
so do it locally and go from there.
I was also able to add it manually ( im new to wsdl and XML) . will the wsdl still be available when i upload the espace to a different machine?

this wsdl is the only file i need from the .zip?
Once it's in your espace you don't need the wsdl (and referenced files) so you can upload it safely to other machines.

Please refer to Outsystems documentation and internet about more information on webservices/wsdl's

Thanks for your support.

I checked but still i cannot use the service im facing several troubles with for example the soapheader (where the identification takes place) and other UPS related stuff.

Probably i'm not the first outsystem user who tried to use the webservice from UPS. So if somebody has experience it would be super if he or she wants to share it!
Hi Frits,

To take care of the authentication part check Extension EnhancedWebReferences

João Rosado

This is how I didi it with a webservice requiring authentication

This is done before a webservice call
Hope it helps you in sloving the problems you have