[Firebase Mobile] Events not showing in realtime
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I can see my events in firebase report after a few hours. I can i show custom events in realtime?

Thank you


Hi João,

That latency is by design, only if you configure an event as conversion, you will see realtime. The other way to see events realtime if you us debug view (available for developers) or stream view.



I've tried to configure as conversion without success. Also, their not showing in GA4. I did setup google-services.zip with json / plist from GA4.


Without more details of what you tried and what fails, it is difficult to help.

I've installed Firebase Mobile. Then connect my stream data to firebase project and downloaded google-services.json from Google Analytics 4 for my android app.

Comparing package name and firebase app id in GA4 and firebase, i see both are the same so it's well connected. After that, i zip my file into google-services.zip and upload to resources and set target directory to firebase.<PACKAGE NAME>. Then i use Analytics\LogEvent action with my event name set in EventName to trigger custom event.

Hi Joao, Have you manage to resolve this issue ?

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