Unavailable GetEntryEspaceId() or GetOwnerEspaceIdentifier()
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I wanted to get a Physical table name from by filter criteria mentioned below.

I am getting no records from aggregate. 

When I debuged then I found that GetEntryEspaceId() is unavailabe in the current stage.

I also tried with GetOwnerEspaceIdentifier() but its also unavailable.

Please let me know what's wrong here?

thanks in advance.....


I think Rohan can use the functions, however the issue is it return unavailable when he debug.

Maybe as the document said the function is evaluated before the aggregate is executed so it's unavailable at the debug time.

My suggestion is try to print the result of the function (for example show message or log message, etc..) to see what it returns.




It would suggest that you create a local variable and in an assign before this aggregate you assign the values with the functions. I think it would work that way. And then you used the local variables in your aggregate.


Jorge Rodrigues

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