[OutSystems Charts] ShowDataPointValues does not work in LineChart (again)
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Hello all,

Since the last update we have this problem again and the recommended fix from the closed post doesn't help either (which it did before). We are also getting the next error;

Maximum call stack size exceeded 

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

    at Object.ChartsMobile.renderChart [as oldRender]

Is anyone else experiencing this problem too? And does anyone know how to fix this?

Kind regards,

Furkan Çetin

2020-08-05 09-00-16
Gabriel Lundgren

Hello Furkan,

It seems we were not able to reproduce this error.

Could you send us your sample, in order to better understand what's going on?

Thank you,

Gabriel Lundgren

Hi @Furkan Çetin ,

I work with @Gabriel Lundgren and we were analyzing the previous post.

We do have a problem with ChartFormat/ShowDataPointValues input parameter and we will fix it.

Until then you can use the AdvancedFormat/HighchartsJSON input parameter to show the data labels.

Please fill the input with the following string:

plotOptions: {
    column: {
        dataLabels: {
            enabled: true

Please note that you need to specify the chartType on plotoptions  as in this case "column", if you have a line chart instead of column you should have "line".

Please don't use the fix block that you have on the past post, this might be causing the recursive calls that are causing the reported error.

Please let us know if this helps.


Hi @Furkan Çetin,

We have released a new version on December that had a fix for the ShowDataPointValue issue.
If you find more issues, don't hesitate to report them.

João Ferreira

Hi @Furkan Çetin 

Could you please tell us if this issue got solved by the latest versions of Charts?
If so mark this as solved so that other community members with a similar issue can also be unblocked?

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