Dropdown Select and Combo Box
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.12.2 (Build 50367)

Hi All,

Would like to know when should we use Dropdown Select for combo box? Because I saw some apps are using solely combo box without dropdown select and some are using.


Please take a look at 2 documents: Dropdown Select and Combo Box.

As you can see that Dropdown Select allow user to select multiple option, and Combo Box just allow single selection.

That is the different.




It Depends on Your Requirement Above.

OutSystems provide a variety of flexibilities for populating dropdowns.



Vijay M.


Completely agree with Vijay Malviya, It is solely depends on your own display requirement. Whenever you want to search in a list with a specific value ,you can have the dropdown to select a particular value from a list at run time.

And when you want to sort a list depend on your selection, there you can use combo box. You can also make a special list to select value from there.

Combo box are used in Traditional Web Application, whereas Dropdown are in both Reactive and Traditional. 

for more information please go through https://www.outsystems.com/community/st_search.aspx?q=combo%20box&active=documentation&tag=&restricted=&scat=documentation



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