Onfocus issue after upgrading platform
Application Type
Traditional Web, Mobile, Reactive
Platform Version
11.13.1 (Build 31652)

Hi All,

Recently, we have done a platform upgrade to 11.13.1  with react 16.

After this, rendering of a local variable in textbox which contains input regex check on "Onfocus"  is not working as expected. (Local variable remains empty)


textbox which has local variable --(texvar)  contains "Onfocus" event .

This event contains below javascript code,

$(function() {

  $('input').on('input', function() {

    this.value = this.value

         .replace(/[^\d.]/g, '')             // numbers only

        .replace(/\D/g, '');                // restrict dots



Here, in previous versions "this.value" is got rendered to a local variable ("texvar") properly .but in the latest version it is showing as empty (confirmed by feedback message and debugging while button on click to check value of local variable).

did anyone face the same issue?... 

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