Building an Architecture exclusively with REST API

Hello guys! I would like to ask for opinions and suggestions about the architecture of a system made solely via REST API. 

In my scenario, the client uses a PostgreSQL database, which we know is not natively supported by the platform. Searching the forge we can even find two components that were made some time ago, but you don't see much feedback on that and fearing instabilities, we were asked to connect to the database via API. 

For this we are using pREST:

<<It was also discussed creating new SQL Server tables with data that would later return to Postgres the new entries and modifications made, but for performance reasons this was not accepted either.>>

I was able to ask some people who have worked with OS for some time if they had ever dealt with a similar case, and the vast majority responded that 'no' (but that it was not impossible), just as some reported having already worked in this way but without giving further explanation about how they did it.

To display / list the data so far everything is ok, we configure the joins on the request or in necessary cases we create views. My concern is about to insert new data and update data that involve multiple tables.

So if anyone has ever come across a similar context, your help would be welcome. And for those who haven't, if you can think in some possibilities, it would also help a lot.



Maybe the session from my colleague @Ozan Can Çalı from last OutSystems Usergroup session Utrecht might be interesting for you:

The link has the slide deck, not sure if the session is recorded.

Kind regards,


Hi Daniël! The User Groups session video is not available, but Ozan has confirmed that it was recorded! Thanks!

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