Couldn't refresh aggregate in block

Hi all, i will add images of my problem so that it might help you to understand the problem that I'm facing right now. Sorry I can't share the oml file as it's P&C. 

1.) Table in the parent screen. If you notice, we have Attribute Master 1, Att MAster 2 and also 3. 

2.) The block(add manual attribute block) with has the functionality to add all those attribute to the parent screen. When we select the attribute name and click add attribute, it stores the attributes in the table above. But the issue right now is, Attribute Master 1,2 and 3 are already added to the parent screen. But it's still shown in the block again. 

3.) The aggregate that was used for the table in the block. 

4.) I have also added the refresh data in the On Parameter Changed.

After adding all those, i still see the attributes in the block after adding it. Please help me out with this issue. 

Hi @viknesh Krishnan

If I am not wrong you would like to remove the records from the block which you have  selected by checkbox  and clicked on button to  add them to your parent screen, so when you try to add again, those added records must not shown on the block, Right ?


Tousif Khan

Yes you're right

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