Connecting to external database

1- I have a database server ,I want to host all my database to it, for example when i create table in outsystems I want the table to be created in the external database not outsystems cloud database, I have a personal environment and the external database is on another server and I can access it successfully.

I followed the instructions at

and this method allows me to integrate the database in the server to outsystems but when I create a table through service studio the table is not created in the external database.

2 - Moreover, the tables migrated from the external database to outsystems have no crud actions but create action,

I can't  find (Read,update,CreateOrUpdate,Delete) actions as when i view the data inside the table it gives me error:

Database returned the following error:

Invalid object name 'TableName'

Hello @Muhamed Akl,

For #1 - As far as I know, you cannot directly create an Entity in an external database by using Service Studio. Please refer this forum post 

For #2 - You are likely missing an Entity Identifier (Primary Key) in your entity/ entities. Please refer this post.

Hope this helps,

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