Debug Problem

Hello I'm trying to debug my app but for some reason don't let get to the lower modules, I have refreshed all dependencies, change the entry point, but for some reason, I can't reach the lower module by debugging.

Does someone have any idea what am I doing wrong?

in order to debug a lower module, you should start the debugger on your lower module and set the entry module to your upper module:


Hi António  Matos,

May I know how many layers do you have between top and lower module?

If you have only 2 layers then Hans suggestion will work for you, if you have more than 2 then it's a bit tricky like if you have 3 layers, then just for work around take the reference of public action from lowest layer to your top layer module and then in your lowest layer module set the entry module as top layer and then you will get the debugger at lower module.

after debugging you can remove that reference from top layer.

Hope this helps.

Manish Jawla

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